Transforming Together

Transforming Our Engagement with Activism

July 2, 2020

In this episode of Transforming Together, hosts, Japjyot Singh and Maya Carey, are joined by criminologist, sociologist, and activist Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis. This is the 3rd and final episode episode in the COVID-19 series addressing the impacts and connections of violence and COVID-19. Dr. Dennis is the founder and owner of 365Diversity and has spent much of her life breaking down racial justice flaws in different systems. Dr. Dennis joins us again to continue on with our conversation in the last episode and breaks down how activism should look like vs. how its showing up during our current time. Learn more about Dr. Dennis at<,1,x1Cg2SkINauU19twMyKKONZAXVofwp02M9tKTNWxykfeIQHWmTLFatjCg4SC5axcDc4c7wWzDvk7WgPyMe6HUX_Xg4T59LIe1oZZ75A_S_X4&typo=0>

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