Transforming Together

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

May 4, 2021
Join hosts Maya Carey (they/them) and Stephanie Mobley (she/her) for this month’s episode of Transforming Together, the HopeWorks Podcast. In this episode Maya and Stephanie highlight Sexual Assault Awareness Month with a special conversation around sex workers rights! In this episode they discuss everything from what sex work is and isn’t, to myths and facts, to unpacking policies that affect sex workers like SESTA/FOSTA and the criminalization of sex work. As always, Maya and Stephanie look at support for sex workers rights through the lens of Transformative Justice and Abolition. Join us as we transform the way society understands sex workers and how as allies you can help support the safety and rights of sex workers across the United States.
Stay engaged with HopeWorks by sending us questions to Finally, if you identify as LGBTQ+ or as an ally to the queer and trans community, apply for our 6-week workshop series titled Unapologetic: Using Arts & Humanities to Explore Revolution & Oppression. Hosted on Saturday’s between May 22nd and June 26th, this workshop series invites the LGBTQ+ community and allies to a virtual workshop series where we will use arts and humanities to explore topics ranging from gender-based violence to food justice to alternative healing and more! Applications are due May 7th. Learn more about the series and apply by visiting //

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