Transforming Together
Environmentalism and Healing

Environmentalism and Healing

November 8, 2021
Welcome back for a new season of Transforming Together, the HopeWorks Podcast. On this episode, key host, MC Carey (they/them), brings in two special guests to talk about the intersection of environmentalism and healing. We are joined by HopeWorks staff member and survivor, Sandra Price, and Community Ecology Institute & Free Town Farm founder, Chiara D’Amore, to talk about the ways our communities, and specifically survivors, can heal through engagement with the earth and environmentalism. In this episode we talk about reciprocity, hear stories of surviving through connection with the earth, and learn a bit more about HopeWorks partnership with the Community Ecology Institute and FreeTown Farm through the Our Earth program and garden plot.  There’s much relationship building to be done between us humans and the earth and CEI/Freetown farm and the Our Earth Program are perfect places to engage in reciprocity and healing. Learn more about the projects mentioned in this episode and see some pictures of the garden and farm by clicking this link to view a PDF with all sorts of goodies from this episode. Also, feel free to continue the conversations had in this episode by emailing us at We’d love to hear from you and get an idea of what you want to talk about next and ways we can transform together. 
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