Transforming Together
Performative Activism and Youth Activism

Performative Activism and Youth Activism

February 17, 2021

On this month's episode of Transforming Together, the HopeWorks Youth Leadership Project is taking over to talk about all things youth activism and movement making. Join featured youth leadership guests, Jonetta Lah (she/her) and Vedanth Battalapalli (he/him) for an episode breaking down performative activism and youth activism. They are joined by local Howard County, MD youth activist, Rahel Petros (she/her), from HoCo For Justice-a local BIPOC and Youth run social justice organization rooted in liberation and violence free communities. They talk slacktivism and what it means to be a youth activist during a life-changing moment in history with both the Pandemic and nation-wide movement towards racial equity and justice. Stay engaged with HopeWorks upcoming events and activities by checking out our website,1,LaOzjRU3asD_lT7OT0rmmdRqDMXM4h-KzldIwp0ad-S0Y2JjbzBK2hfb5oFkJvHDvDNQpLsoIKFru0pIM2ucrk0dzOrRWU1M398Huj58YPGBABvEfcHe&typo=0

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